How can I access a Support Coordinator with my NDIS plan?

What is the role of a Support Coordinator:

There are two ways that you can access a Support Coordinator under your NDIS plan.

The first option is: 

Under the Capacity Building section of your plan, you may be funded for a Support Coordinator. 

If this is displayed in your plan, you can make contact with the coordinator of your choice, to reach out for assistance.

The second option is:

Apply for a review to discuss your options.

If you, a neighbour or a loved one are in need of Support Coordination to implement your NDIS plan and support you along the journey, contact the NDIS team to discuss options for engaging a coordinator in your local community.

At Inclusive Care we provide

Level 2 and Level 3 Support Coordination to assist you and your loved ones to:

Implement your NDIS plan and utilise your support budget.

Understand your unique goals, and support you to achieve them.

Connect you with providers of choice, in your local community.

Build independence and confidence with your support, networks, and daily life.

Increase your capacity to maintain relationships and connections in your life.

Assist you with preparing for your plan review.


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